Monday, June 17, 2013

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Berry Picking!
We set out on Satuday to pick some raspberries at a local raspberry farm.  I had checked thier website weeks before and Saturday was supposed to be the start of the peak red raspberry season.  However, when we got there there was no one there!  I checked the website again and they had updated the page saying that due to a cold spring the raspberries wouldn't be ready until late June or early July.  I was bummed... and so was Grayden!  We were really looking forward to picking some berries.  So I went on my favorite website, and searched for a place nearby that had something for us to pick.  Luckily there was a strawberry farm right up the road that had strawberries ready for us to pick!
So we all got started right away... everyone except me.  I stuck with picture taking and picking the occasional berry that was close to the top of the plant.
 Grayden was ready to pick... and very good at it...

 Also very good at eating them right after picking them!


 We were only out for about 20 minutes and got a huge haul!  We got about 10lbs of strawberries between Grandpa and Don.
Sara was with us too... but I didn't manage to get any pictures of Grayden with Sara :(
We will definately be doing this again soon!
 Check out Grandpa's heaping bucket o' berries!
 Then it was back home to start cleaning them up.

 And then into the kitchen to start smashing for jam!
 Grayden was a great help with the smashing!
After that Grandpa and I made 14 quarts of freezer jam and had some berries left over for desert!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Playing Outside May 26, 2013

Grayden being silly... May 21, 2013

I wanted orange crib sheets to match the nursery but didn't want to buy new ones. I had 3 green dingy ones from when Grayden was little and was wondering if I could dye them somehow. 
So, I emailed the RIT dye company to see what they thought.  They let me know about this awesome color eraser that they have and said after I use that I should be able to dye them whatever color I want. 
So here goes...
Crib sheets before (I threw one in the washer already before I remembered I wanted before pictures)
 After color eraser... doesn't look like it did anything!
 Here goes nothing...
After the rinse... awesome color!
 After being dried... a little lighter than I wanted but still awesome!

Mother's Day 2013
Grayden made "helping hands" oven mitts for all the grandmas this year.




 And after our visit with Nana, Grandma, Gaga and Baba we went to chill out at Grandpa's.