Thursday, September 23, 2010

Misc. Grayden Pictures...

Here is a mix of cute and funny Grayden pictures...

Poor Fred... Grayden never leaves him alone!

Check out that CRAZY hair!

The first time that Grayden has EVER fallen asleep on the floor!!! 

Who doesn't need a sharp stick to play with????

First Tattoo!!!

Grayden recently got his first tattoo at school!
It is the Hungry Caterpillar... one of our favorite books!


So, as some of you know, we are having a slight problem with squirrels living in our walls.  We have set live traps and have had no luck.  However, when we got home one night this is what we found...
There is a place off of the kitchen that isn't finished and it had a small roof leak when we moved in.  Don had put a bowl up there to catch the water until he fixed the leak and we forgot about it.  Our theory is that the squirrel took a ride in the bowl out of the ceiling and then the bowl flipped, hit him in the head and killed him. 
We had hoped that this was the only squirrel... but the next day I heard more movement in the walls. 
If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them!

We need to get rid of them before Christmas... I don't want this to happen at our house...

Grayden's First Bite...

The past few months we have had a problem with Grayden biting other children at the daycare.  Last week on of the other children bit him back.  We are hoping that he will realize that it isn't fun to get bit and will stop biting.  Keep your fingers crossed!
Not the greatest picture, Grayden wouldn't hold still! 
Can you see the teeth marks?!?

Fall Fest at the Zoo!

A couple of weekends ago we went to Fall Fest at the Columbus Zoo...

Check out that tongue!!!

For Fall Fest some of the animals got to "bob for apples".  The Orangutan has one of the apples in his mouth and the other in his hand.  He is so big... look how small those apples look!

They told us that the colored armbands are like the wedding bands for the penguins since they mate for life.

Grayden got to pet his first snake!

Don said that turtles have something in thier mouth that wiggles and attracts small fish right into thier mouth.  So they will just sit thier with thier mouth open until they catch something. 

The polar bear was in the water this time!  How cool is that?!?

Grayden was so tired that he fell asleep in the middle of our zoo trip!

(Stupid snap up pants never stay snapped!)
Grayden's first AC tractor!!!!