Monday, April 22, 2013

Saturday we decided to eat out for lunch at Chipotle.  We had finished our lunch and were talking a little when Grayden slipped off of his stool and cracked the back of his head on the bottom of the table.  It was pretty bad so we took him to the ER right away.
  The triage nurse was kind enough to change out the Chipotle napkins don was pressing to his head with gauze and a bandage.

 We still sat there forever (2 hours) without being seen.
When we finally got taken back to a room they applied some numbing creme to his head and was supposed to let it sit for 30 minutes and after about 10 they came back and held him down and stapled him up.  Pretty traumatic if you ask me!
They didn't clean it out, or shave the area or anything.
We are keeping a close eye on it. 
He has a HUGE goose egg on the back of his head... but he says it feels fine.
He will go on Friday to have the staples removed.
I suppose it had to happen sometime... I am always reminded by everyone that he is a boy...and that is what boys do.

We had a semi-warm day so we decided to go outside and run off some energy.
Grayden wanted to race Daddy with his lawn mower.

 Of course, Grayden won!

I made these cool laminated sheets for play doh and we had lots of fun with them!
 This one you you had to make a face out of play doh.
 Here is Grayden's...
 And here is Don's (If you look close you can see she has a buck tooth).
 This one you had to make eggs for the chicken's nest.

 Someone is being very silly!

 And this one you had to make teeth for the alligator. 
 We also practiced the letter R.
It's hard to see... but Grayden circled every R in that story!
He is doing very well with his after school activities!

Easter at Nana's 2013
What a HAM!

Nathan and Candice got him some cool new balls...

And Nana got him a neat basket with bubbles, sidewalk chalk and some candy!

When we got home we played with the bubbles on the porch for a little while... but it was really cold out.

Grayden found the "My Buddy" doll that we had tucked away in the spare room closet, and he now insists on sleeping with it.
Very Creepy!

Happy 4th Birthday Grayden!
Grayden helped me make his cake...

Then later it was time for his gifts from mom and dad.

We got him a rid on CAT backhoe...
and a big Buzz Lightyear!

That Saturday was party day!
We made party hats for all of the kids...
Every place had a name card, placemat and a hat!
We had  a grinch on the wall for the kids to play pin the heart on the grinch...
A Suess sign for directions...
A Lorax bean bag toss...
And a Cat in the Hat prop for pictures!

The cake that Grayden and I made was too fluffy and it fell the night before party... this one is the one that Sara made when she was at the house helping out.  I didn't have time to decorate it... so it is pretty plain.  Still tasted amazing though!

We had Hop on Pop popcorn...
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, goldfish...

Sneetch Bellies with Stars and without Stars (Chocolate covered marshmallows)...
Yertles Carmel Turtles...
Poodles with Noodles pasta salad...
Green Eggs and Ham & Cheese Sliders...
Beezlenut Splash (Sprite and Jello)...

Pink Ink Yink Drink (Pink Lemonade)...
And fun straws for the drinks!

The bean bag toss was a huge hit!

Now time for presents...

Tons of fun new things to play with!
And we almost forgot about the cake!
We talked about what it means to make a wish when you blow out the candles the day before the party.
But when it came time to blow them out we told him to make a wish and he asked "how do you make a wish".
Very Cute!

After cake he got to play his new game with his Aunt Pam.
And later that night Sara and Chris came back over with his birthday gift...
A dog hat/scarf... very cool!

We had asked for food donations for the local food bank this year instead of gifts.
We had a HUGE donation to give them!
We took the donations to the Marysville Food Pantry the next weekend.  Grayden was so excited to be able to help people!