Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper!

We started working on Grayden's room and he wanted to help! 
(check out progress pictures on our other blog:

Anyone see some of the spots in the photos?  Ghosts?? 
If it is... I'm hoping they are the kind that like to help with housework!!!

Weekend Trip

Grayden and I took a little trip to Southern Ohio with some friends of mine. 
Grayden got to swing on his first swing and loved it!

He even got to play on a slide...

After the park we stopped for some dinner, where Grayden had a messy accident and we had to strip him down.  Luckily we were in Southern Ohio and no one thought anything of a baby running around in only a diaper!

One tuckered out little boy!

Grayden's 15 Month Well Visit

Grayden recently had his 15 month well visit appointment.  He checked out well... and we are done with vaccinations until kindergarten!  Yay!!! 
I've been taking pictures of Grayden with Dr. Johnson since his very first appointment.  Stay tuned for a slideshow from birth til now!