Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In July we went to Gaga's and Baba's to help stain the house.
I didn't get any pictures of that... that is boring... only of Grayden!

In July Grayden had his 3rd and hopefully final surgery for his hypospadias.  Everything looked good after the surgery and we are scheduled for a final follow up in August of 2012.

Just after we got back from Tennessee we heard about a local school auction.  The school was closing and was auctioning all of the items inside it!  I went intending to get some yardsticks for a craft project and maybe a couple of maps... but we left with SO MUCH MORE! 

We got 2 overhead projectors... one was hidden in a pile of books and other things that I bid on and won on a crazy impulse. I paid a total of $5 for both projectors!  AWESOME! 
 One of the projectors came with ALL sorts of learning/teaching tools to go with it!
We plugged it in as soon as we got home and started playing with it.
Grayden LOVED it!  As soon as he gets a little older we will be learning all about fractions, money, adding and subtracting... all with a really awesome overhead projector!

We also got these two stacks of chairs for $2!  I have no idea what I will do with them... but I'm sure they will come in handy someday! (Since I'm posting this WELL after this actually happened... let me just say how HAPPY I am that I bought those chairs!).
Check out all of those books and workbooks and flashcards!
Can't wait to start working with out little man!
There was also a couple of heavy duty map things... not sure what they did in the class room with these... but Grayden loves to zoom his cars around on them!
  And... we got 2 globes for $10!  One for Grayden's room and maybe one for decoration!
 And last but not least... we got a leapfrog computer!  It was burried under a HUGE pile of books, workbooks, and boxes of flash cards.  I had seen the word leapfrog on a box under all of that stuff and took a chance!  NO ONE BID AGAINST ME!  I got the whole pile of stuff for $5!  Total Score!